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Hi folks,

I've survived about a month so far, all going good apart from the damned wolves. I'd read somewhere wearing a wolfskin coat would have a chance to scare off wolves although it seems to have absolutely no effect. They chase me whenever they see me, regardless if i am carrying meat or food of any kind.

My clothes are in tatters and I only have 3 bullets left. Anyone else having this issue or know what i'm doing wrong?

I'm wondering is it worth exploring coastal highway fully or should I just move onto the the next area?

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Every inch of every map is worth exploring. There are enough materials to easily last thousands of days if you can survive the wildlife and the elements, but you have to find them.

Your wolf problem may greatly be remedied by the use of decoys (a dropped piece of meat)

You can do this by hitting 3 as the default hotkey. It will prioritize raw meat over cooked, but not by weight. You may want to manually drop your smallest scrap of meat from your inventory if you have the time.

You can make a tiny scrap of meat by hitting esc (or equivalent controller button if on console, whatever button brings up the option menu I think for a controller) right before you are done consuming it.

If you use the decoy properly, you will be able to safely run away as the wolf curiously walks towards the meat and consumes it.

You can also step away from the meat (too close and the wolf will attack you anyway) and line up a nice rifle or bow shot the the wolf's head or heart. In this case, it doesn't matter if you drop a large piece of meat because you can just pick it up again.

I sometimes go for a heart shot because it seems to have less of a chance to break your arrow. Headshots at close range seem to have a higher chance to break your arrow on hit, not sure if that is confirmed, but I usually go for the head shot anyway because it is a better chance for a kill. It's a little more difficult to get a heart shot which increases the chance that the wolf will run away with your arrow in its hide never to be seen again.

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While wolves may be scared more often when seeing you in the coat than without it, it is not going to be a high percentage. Scaring wolves in general is not going to be an effective tactic I'm afraid.

The best path is to avoid detection altogether. Strangely, all the wolves are half-blind during the daytime so you can see them long before they detect you. Use this to your advantage. Walk where they aren't.

If they do find you, you can try to outrun them. As mentioned, dropping baits as you flee can distract them long enough for you to get away. Also, dropped lit torches will stop wolves in their tracks and are easy to come by.

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or just kill every wolf you see. more meat than you will ever need plus plenty of hides and guts. in my current voyager run, i am on day 27 and have killed 13 wolves but only 2 deer, as wolves seem to always interrupt my hunts. it is also worth mentioning that i have been mauled by a wolf just once.

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