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Ran though a seven day stint on Pleasant Valley. Over 10 miles traveled all on that map and was unable to locate either a knife or hatchet. Located 2 guns, and like 5 prybars. A half dozen flares, etc.

Is itemization working at intended at present? According to the stats for this round I performed 154 items looted/searches to include the Farmstead, and the Barn and the Radio Tower. Encountered two or three bodies along with associated containers but no knives or hatchet.

Surviving on this map with poor clothing along with no way to efficiently harvest meat is extremely difficult and requires rationing of food.

What got me was stumbling onto a bear, and then instead of immediately attacking I hesitated and backed off but it was too late. The follow-up by a wolf immediately after in the vicinity is also curious but whatever I was a goner as soon as I was attacked by the bear.

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It does happen. I spent days trying to find a hatchet in ML once... I guess it is really completely random, which can lead to you not finding those at all. I would resort to fishing in a case like that, but I guess there isn't any fishing on the map you played?

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