64 day run. Most Entertaining Adventure yet.


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So I just finished a 64 day run, my character Bruce Willis got a little too adventurous around the pathway to DP and tried to explore the island with a land bridge which was never meant for character exploration. After a series of successive falls though the water, some injuries caused by the multiple falls, frozen clothing, treated injuries, a wolf attack immediately after, while hypodermic and treatment for the wolf attack Bruce died because he didn't take fuel along and was planning on finding some on the trip but should have calculated that as a risk factor before venturing into an area he fell onto weak ice from and well with weak ice the way it is now which is really great fun, he died from hypothermia unable to get fuel fast enough and insufficient heat from his flare. Should have used to flare and treated the sprained ankle instead of the sprained hand.

Might be worth considering if taking pain medication should negate any sprain injuries and not be a targeted thing however at the same time having to make the decision quickly and having picked the wrong one I am fully willing to live with that. I survived the wolf attack having missed, but it was in Voyageur so even though my condition was trashed it was the layered effects that got me. WHICH IS EXACTLY HOW IT WORKS in the wild! Hell yes!

I have a videography of the whole experience. Its 70GB and about 20 hours in total of the whole adventure. It is slowly making its way to youtube due to upload bandwidth I have and will be posted in January.

Question I have is, is it possible to pull the journal logs and where would I go to pull those and post those?

By the way. Thank you Hinterland for making TLD in spite of its flaws and alpha state, and the limitations of the sandbox, it is shaping up to be an incredible game fully worth delving into and definitely worth living adventures though the sandbox.

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