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My wishlist after 70 hours.

1. Reworked/fixed wolf behavior.

Yeah, i know, geomagnetic storm and so on... :D But i want proper fluffies. What i mean by this: much rare wolfs encounters, but much dangerous.

Make wolfs hunting in packs. When you encounter 1 wolf - 90% chance he will try to escape/change his route. 2 wolfes - they will stalk you and attack in 50% encounters. 3 wolfes - stalk you and try to surround you in 100% cases.

2. Deers. Why onlly male deers with antlers. Where are females?

3. More wildlife. Owls, blackcocks, mooses and etc.

4. Fix deer AI. Not fun when startled deer runs through you. Yeah, first he runs from you, but when he finds obstacle, he can change his direction and run litteraly throug you. At least make him attack you in this case with his antlers or hooves.

5. More animal sounds. Male deer roar (you have to add females deer, heh). Wolf howling at night.

That is it.

P.S. Right now people don't afraid of fluffies. It basically walking meat. They have to fear fluffies again :D

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