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    I'm pretty sure those are wolves in the video. You see, the problem here is that dogs are just demented wolves. They are dumber, generally weaker, etc. All labs or other friendly dogs would die. All small dogs would die. All stupid dogs would die. Lets say a pitbull is out there. The pitbull would have to survive being in extreme cold weather, know how to hunt, be smart enough to not attack a bear or a wolf, and avoid entering wolf hunting territories. survival would be a miracle. Even if its a hunters dog, the dog will attack some wolf, and be killed. Even if it is used to always sleeping outside, it still will get hunted down by the wolves. Even if it manages to find more dogs and actually make a pack with them, they would be outpowered and outnumbered by the wolves. Edit: We don't know what the npc's will be like. I know the experience is subjective, but for me the isolation is what makes it enjoyable. I am on my own, in the wilderness. I really hope the devs scrap the npc's for sandbox. I get the story mode npc thing, but I can't see the npc's in sandbox actually contributing anything to the game.
  2. sir ice


    But its feel is isolation.
  3. sir ice


    This is a game about isolation and lonleyness.
  4. sir ice

    Hand Sanitizer.

    If a doctor was in a situation like tld, and were bitten by a wolf, they wouldn't use alchohal. Is that what your telling me?
  5. sir ice

    Hand Sanitizer.

    Sure your killing your own cells, but your also killing the bacteria.
  6. sir ice

    Hand Sanitizer.

    Cringe is when you see/hear something that is really awkward/stupid and you feel uncomfortable and annoyed. Look up "cringe compilation."
  7. sir ice

    Hand Sanitizer.

    That was some cringy wording wasn't it.
  8. Of course not. Its also hard to fight off a mouse when you have no arms and legs.
  9. sir ice

    Hand Sanitizer.

    Of course not silly. It would be good to fight infection.
  10. Works like medical alchohal, just less effecient.
  11. sir ice

    Unique Items.

    The gun should be broken but fixable and have bad aim.