TheNorthernAlex - Gameplay (may contain spoilers)

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TheNorthernAlex - 10k YouTube Subscribers Ghost Pepper :oops:

Okay, this isn't a The Long Dark video -- but considering the agony Alex went through to thank all his YouTube subscribers and game fans, I had to include this epic effort.

Alex had promised he would eat a ghost pepper if he reached 10,000 subscribers to his channel -- it was a promise I'm think he regretted quite quickly when he reached his goal... but dedicated to his fans and followers, he met the challenge.

If you want to skip the into and jump right to the stat of the challenge, you can skip ahead to the 3:52 mark -- but his effort is worthy of the full viewing, and definitely show appreciation by subscribing to his great gaming videos.

[bBvideo 560,340:27wun0nq][/bBvideo]

TheNorthernAlex and BayAreaBuggs are getting ready for a head-to-head best time run out of 3 lives to see who will survive the longest in a challenging play of The Long Dark. Each will record their sessions [no do-overs], with the winner surviving the longest in the game winning the challenge bragging rights :mrgreen:

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