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If I have raw food and no "safe" food left to eat, I would probably try to get some more raw food by hunting/ trapping/ fishing for a day and then cook everything I have even if it were my last match. But then, matches are not hard to find and I don't think I have run out of matches in the last days hours of gameplay (over multiple runs ;)).

Nor have I ever truly run out of food in that time. But if you've played the game for a while and died a few times, you'll learn how to manage your supplies (and where to get new supplies of the kind you need).

There are some food types that don't degrade. Cattail stalks, salty crackers and soda's to name a few. These I always collect at my bases and I safe these in case I ever run out of other food. This gives me a buffer of 1000's of cals in case I ever do get in serious trouble.

Good advice -- thanks.

I think I'm starting to get a feel for the routine: always have 4000 calories of "ready food" in storage, with another 4000 raw.

Cook raw food at 50% and then eat cooked food (oldest first) before it drops to...60%.

If at possible light my fire with onto torch then carry inside to start the wood stove.

[side note: I harvested a three or four day old deer carcass, meat was at 20% when I threw it on the grill. 90% of the meat was safe but I did get food poisoning from the last piece which was 56%]

I didn't know canned food and boxed food doesn't degrade.

You mention "off-site food storehouses."

Why do you do that instead of just keeping everything at Camp Office?

I still don't know the entire Mystery Lake map but it seems to me that CO is in the middle of the map.

[side note: my exploration perimeter has only taken me from the Lake Houses, to "Dave's place" to Trapper's Cabin, to Derailment to Cabin Office.]

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Only some foods don't degrade, most packaged foods do. If you put any food in a container and after some days the condition hasn't dropped, it probably never will.

I don't have just 1 base. I have a main base per map where I have most of my supplies on that map, but I have caches of non-degrading food, water and firewood all over each map. That way, if you get into trouble (i.e. sudden blizzard) you always have a place nearby where you have some supplies. It's just a precaution, just like always having a good supply of water at your base so you're not in trouble if for some reason you can't boil more for a few days.

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