Upgrades - fishing hut doors - heat sources


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I guess today is my Idea day lol

I was playing and thought about upgrades to structures.

Two main examples I have are adding doors to fishing huts to cut down on cold. The other is a way to either craft, or add heating to cabins or other locations without them. Personally I find it hard to believe a cabin in northern canada not having a heat source, but thats just me.

Other upgrades may include, more storage, additional insulation, etc.

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Great minds think alike ^^ But I guess the wish for a door on fishing huts is a no brainer.

I would love that. I don't know how much a pot belly stove weighs, but a healthy adult (man) should be able to move it across the frozen surface of the lake with a bit of effort. I think it should be generally possible to move furniture, even between buildings. At the very least, provided you have tools, you could just take the chest of drawers apart and put it back together somewhere else... shelves are even easier to relocate.

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