Audio not working correctly. Crackly reverb & low pitch


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Sound seems to have some sort of high pitched crackly reverb, pitch on some or all sounds seems incredibly low. This seems to happen if the window loses focus. Oddly, "losing focus" seems to include any key that talks to the OS, including Print Screen and changing the volume from the keyboard!


1. Launch game

2. "Alt-tab" out (perform an action that takes focus away from The Long Dark)

3. Return to The Long Dark

Here's a quick video with sound I recorded. There's a fall at the end where you can clearly see the audio problems. Also pay attention to the crackling ambient sounds throughout. ... sp=sharing

Here's my Player.log as well. ... dSXNOzw5x5

Arch Linux x64 with pulseaudio and radeon (open-source AMD) drivers.

Seems others are having this issue

viewtopic.php?f=101&t=8887 ... ce_sounds/

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I even see this problem directly after loading a game sometimes.  On Gentoo Linux x64, also using pulseaudio. Both in the 32-bit (with and without steam)  and 64-bit versions (without steam) of TLD v0.338.

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This is a known issue with the current version of wwise and Linux. As soon as a fix is available we will get it integrated and scheduled for a hotfix/update. The issue stems from swapping audio focus while the game is running. We've not found a work around yet, but if we do we will be happy to share it. 

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