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  1. Thanks for the info. Yep, the issue is indeed as zinigor said. Edit your prefs file, and change these two lines: 0 0 You need to make the two zeros there your actual screen resolution. If it's 1600x900, for example: 900 1600 That should resolve the issue. And the issue is now reported here for the devs, so hopefully they can fix it. It's probably also possible to just delete that file, but this is the safest way that I know works. Reinstalling the game would do nothing since it won't touch these files in the ~/.config/unity3d/Hinterland/TheLongDark directory. The save files are also there, so I wouldn't delete the entire directory unless you don't mind losing them.
  2. Probably due to a mismatch between the Steam runtime's libraries and the distro provided ones. I had to do something to fix it in Arch, as well. People have had success with Debian derived distros with this: I fix it in Arch by launching Steam like this: LD_PRELOAD='/usr/lib/ /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/' steam But I don't think that'll work for you. You'll probably want to delete the libraries noted in that previous link from the Steam runtime. Once you resolve that, it seems to run without any crashing. There's a few other threads here with that issue, and all have managed to fix it. I really should make a web page with the info and link to it rather than keep re-entering it, but hey, there you go. Good luck! Let us know if you manage to fix it.
  3. What distribution are you running? This looks like the issue with an incompatibility between Steam's runtime and the distro provided libraries, to me. If you're on Arch, try starting Steam like this: LD_PRELOAD='/usr/lib/ /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/' steam If on Debian or a derived distro, this might help: Either way, that's probably the issue, and there's probably an equivalent fix for whatever distro you're running.
  4. No, I have nothing anything like that, even without the fix I mentioned for the issue with the Steam runtime. I do have a GTX 560, with NVidia proprietary drivers (v352.41 and I seriously need to do a system update). Gnome currently, but works the same in KDE for me. The shader messages are normal (at least I have them too and it runs flawlessly, other than an issue with the sound starting to play at the wrong frequency if the game loses focus). This line I do not have, though: Could not load Resources for: GEAR_Bow Means little to me, but might mean something to the developers as to what's going wrong. Shortly after that, the log abruptly ends. If there's any further clues as to what went wrong, I suspect they will be found in your /var/log directory. It might be worth seeking help on finding them from a Debian specific source, such as an IRC channel or Debian related tech support forum. There should hopefully be some information from before your current boot in a log file in there.
  5. You can find the log file here: ~/.config/unity3d/Hinterland/The Long Dark/Player.log You might also read this and apply it: I know I needed a workaround to keep it from crashing when entering and exiting buildings on Arch (which you can find in a few threads in this sub-forum). And it looks like Debian also has a library incompatibility between Steam's runtime and what it provides. I know it's been 100% stable for me once I fixed that incompatibility. The severity of the crash makes me wonder if there isn't something bigger wrong, here. Do other games run fine? Nothing overheating or anything like that? Even something like bad RAM can do that sort of thing, but that's sheer speculation at this point. Looking at other system log files might not be a terrible idea. If you can find anything from when it crashes that looks suspicious, that might be handy. Good luck!
  6. Nice! Glad it works for you, now. Enjoy! Yeah, I also modified my steam.desktop file to launch it that way. I'm using NVidia proprietary drivers with a GTX560. Might be why it crashed there, I suppose. Anyway, it would then have started crashing occasionally when entering or exiting a building, so that'll be avoided. EDIT: Actually, to be precise, I did what is on and made the Exec line: env LD_PRELOAD='/usr/lib/ /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/' /usr/bin/steam %U
  7. Interesting, I'm on Arch as well and don't have that issue. One thing you'll need is to launch Steam like this: LD_PRELOAD='/usr/lib/ /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/' steam No idea if that'll fix this bug, but it'll fix another, and there's definitely an issue with a mismatch between Steam's libraries and Arch's. If this fixes it, definitely let us know. Otherwise, perhaps someone can help more if you post the log file (using pastebin or whatever). You can find it here: ~/.config/unity3d/Hinterland/The\ Long\ Dark/Player.log
  8. Yep, had the same thing and reported it here. Bug has been filed: viewtopic.php?f=101&t=8887 I don't recall crackling, but pretty sure it's the same bug. Thanks for the example, though, it might come in handy for them. Anyways, bug report is a duplicate of #3007.
  9. Glad you got it working again! And kudos for finding a workaround and posting it here for the devs. I'm sure they appreciate it.
  10. We Canadians like to be helpful, right, eh? You're welcome, and thanks for supporting Linux!
  11. Hm, yeah, I can only verify that this works on Arch Linux. Too bad if it doesn't work on Ubuntu. Perhaps this might work better in that case. This is from the Known Issues for the release ( viewtopic.php?f=101&t=9050 ): "This crash is likely due to an incompatible/incorrect version of a library file Some users have reported working around this crash. This workaround has not been verified internally. Information can be found here: " Perhaps that will work for you. Though I suggest making a backup of the files or generally moving them rather than outright deleting them, personally. Then if it breaks things, you can restore it to the previous state. Definitely don't want you messing up your Steam install! heh If not, I bet posting the log file would be of assistance to the devs. You can find that file in ~/.config/unity/unity3d/Hinterland/The Long Dark/Player.log . NOTE to devs: There's a missing forward slash between config and unity in that path in the above post.
  12. I'm also on Arch. I seem to have resolved that issue today, though. What I did is launch Steam like this: LD_PRELOAD='/usr/lib/ /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/' steam I'm fairly sure the problem is gone, but of course, I could be getting really lucky. I entered and exited a cabin for about 20 minutes in a test save with no crashes, then played for a while normally, though, so looking good. I got the info from here: ... leshooting There's also instructions on how to edit the .desktop file (it's in /usr/share/applications/steam.desktop) to make that permanent on that page. I have not made sure it doesn't mess up other games, though. Probably not, but... Seems to be an issue with libraries and the steam runtime. I posted other info on this in another similar thread in this sub-forum. If this resolves it for you, as well, I'm sure we'd love to know (one way or another). Hope that gets you going!
  13. Quite welcome. I should note that those steps are no longer necessary, as it's been released normally now.