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  1. +1 for folklore books. And how about shaman drum?
  2. found a corpse: Don't sleep, you may catch a cold One more piece of meat found its end
  3. Hmm... How about really black/cynical humor, e.g. when character is in a bad mood (when it's released)?
  4. Unity is so Unity. Can imagine, what devs said about it. At least I can feed wolfs again.
  5. when found a passage to the end of the world: I haven't seen this Looks like dudes from The Matrix doing it wrong
  6. Game's performance with radeon hd 5k (I have 5650 or so) is very low even on windows, but still playable (~25 fps for lq settings). Hopefully devs will optimize it at least at beta
  7. I also had crashes in Commuter's Lament and Waterfront Cottages. No problems in Rural Crossroads, but had unusual crash near Pleasant Valley Farmstead Game crashes only on scene change, so Timberwolf mountain could possibly have problem in caverns, but I didn't notice anything suspicious.
  8. I have problems only in coastal highway near town. Game crashes even if you trying to enter there from Crumbling Highway.
  9. It happens even on new saves without any interactions
  10. I play on two different systems: the first is old laptop with i3 cpu, integrated radeon mobile video card, 1366x768 display and win7 onboard, and the second is pc with i7 cpu, gtx 980 video card, two monitors (1050x1680 and 1920x1080) and ubuntu 16.04. Since the game synchronizes settings, after playing on pc laptop has ultra settings and vise versa pc has low graphics, resolution for 1366x768 display (can't even select my own resolution) and runs on first (vertical) monitor. It's pretty challenging to set settings back to normal condition.
  11. I had same issue, after playing on old laptop: settings synchronized via steam. And my first monitor is vertical. Solved this by setting windowed mode, dragging window to proper display, setting fullscreen mode back and restarting the game.
  12. One more crash. Now in Pleasant valley, farmstead. This one looks unusual, because didn't happen there before. And never happen again, no matter, how hard I tried. =/ Ok, game crashed again, when I tried to enter the farmhouse.