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The Forge you can fire it up it as you do with any fire

First maybe let’s store as much wood as you can for say 12 hours. We might as well make this a long term thing so I hope you brought your bedroll? Also get a good supply of metal.

The forge should get up to 78+C with wood added only. This is when you are ready to add your coal (about 6 pieces of coal), adding coal will get you to the 180c+.

Ok if the forge is running hot at 180c+ thereabouts. You should now be able to craft items

HA – no Hammer you need one to craft here? I did eventually found one in the nearby factory.

Edit: The Hammer is not needed to craft arrow heads.

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You can use the bed upstairs in the Riken although a bedroll is certainly helpful. Coffee is even more helpful since it relieves fatigue. I'm not sure if Herbal tea helps improve rest for fatigue; it does help your condition improve better. I believe I have seen coffee actually reduce the fatigue bar however the wikia says it helps reduce the rate of fatigue during activity so every four hours, make another cup of hot coffee. It's best to start your forge furnace after a good rest to be in peak condition. You will need lots and lots of fuel to extend the useful amount of forging time. You'll also need 2-3 days stockpile of food supplies and as much firewood as you can find. 48 pieces of fir wood give you 3 days of forging time. Then you have to worry if there's a blizzard outside when you are done. I have a video on Youtube demonstrating forging when I had No Hatchet and No Hunting Knife and only the Heavy Hammer to break down furniture and crates.


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