Rifle sights are offset from actual shooting direction


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I've done some testing with the rifle lately, and while the shots don't leave any bullet holes, they do leave a puff of smoke where the bullet hit. By using a trackpoint instead of a mouse, thus eliminating any possible aim-jerking motions, and taking screenshots of the down-the-sights picture before shooting and smoke puffs after each shot then superimposing them I've come to the conclusion that the rifle consistently hits significantly lower than where the sights are pointed, with a constant angular offset at all ranges. It really shouldn't be hard to move the impact point a bit higher (or move the whole rifle-being-aimed lower in the field of view, if the bullet trajectory is calculated relative to the shooter, not the rifle).

Below are the results of three shooting sessions with sights superimposed and hit locations highlighted (red), at ranges of, respectively:

* length of dam control room (6 audible steps), crouched, 3 shots

* twice the length of dam control room (12 steps), crouched, 4 shots

* point-blank (half the length of dam control room, 2.5-3 steps), standing, 1 shot

Additionally, on the long-range picture, the mean point of impact is highlighted (green). All original screenshots, composite images and .xcf files for them are available at http://legion.flashcact.us/img/pub/thelongdark/rifle_sights/.




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Well, it at least pays to know how this particular gamer gun works and how exactly it differs from real guns. Which I found out. That said, I'd still really appreciate making it work more like a real one, given that all the other aspects seem to be okay. In the meantime, we could just roleplay it not being zeroed properly.

By the way, how do you measure ingame distances in meters?

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...By the way, how do you measure ingame distances in meters?

That's one I would like to know too because the relations between the actual char-sice and the environment-sice doesn't fit at all.

Therefor it's hard to estimate any distance in the game.

...and by coordinates from Screenshots...are that actually 'meters'?

These could be any technical unit... ;)

If one can (I think it was useless who stated that first...) pass a car by doing three steps...it's no real precise and reasonable 'measurement' in terms of 'relation in meters' :mrgreen:

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