#90 New area provides infinite supplies (v.094)


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The new hidden area provides infinite supplies. Leaving and reentering respawns all supplies (there's quite a lot too) and unsearches all containers.

Any items left behind (dropped) disappear. It's like the room is getting re-instantiated every time you enter it.

I'd also like to suggest that the candy bars/beef jerky get moved off of the top shelf. It's really hard to grab.

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Any hints as to where it is ?? As its the Beta, and the amount of hours spent playing, I'm not worried about surprises now, but would be nice to know, for Bug Replication purposes. No-one else has privy in here, so if you want to leave it in a [spoil]spoiler[/spoil] I'm fine with that.. Or general area ??

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This topic is now closed to further replies.