Campfire burns out too quickly when sleeping


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Version: Sandbox Alpha v.094

Location: in the entrance to the collapsed tunnel

I was caught short in a blizzard and took shelter in the lee of the entrance to the collapsed tunnel with the log-carrying train. I managed to light a campfire and realised that I also needed to rest badly. I put down my bedroll next to the fire and added fuel to the fire to give it 3 hours and 40 minutes of burn time. I then went to sleep for three hours. When I woke up, the fire was out. I expected it to be still burning.

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The Green and Orange is only to let you know that you can or cannot place a fire. Orange is usually either too far away, or more than a certain ground degree. Meaning you can't light a fire on a slope.

As mentioned above, its most probably because the wind got up too high and blew the fire out.

So this is by design and will move it to the appropriate sub forum.

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