#83 Invisible Water Bottle from Drawer (v.094)


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I was crouched in front of the top drawer in one of the ice fishing huts on mystery lake and when I looted a water bottle the picture of the item didn't appear. It seemed like the drawer was over top of the item picture.


I went on to try and see if this happened in the other ice fishing huts but couldn't reproduce it. Maybe it was the angle I was at to the drawer.

Also this is my first bug report ... ever. Am I doing this right?

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Yes thats seems what would of happened. It could be a collision issue with the drawer and HUD, but Without knowing which fishing hut, it will be hard to replicate.

As to bug reporting have a look at this Sticky Bug Reporting and Best Practices !! and take it from there.

In essence we need Location, Description, is it reproducible, Windows PC or Mac Specs. To get location with screenshot, use your F9 key. This will take a Screenshot as well as put the Co-ordinates on the Screenshot as well . .

HTH. Ill keep this open for now.

PS : Also check for other bugs that might have been reported as well, and they will have a number like #078 in the title telling you its been logged into the data base.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.