Update v.083 Impressions?


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I just finished my First Look @ v.083 livestream. The update was very nice and also very robust. It covered a wide berth of issues and improvements.

I'm going to try to be somewhat vague so as not to spoil the discovery for others.

I LOVE the new harvesting system! The wolves are more of a threat...exactly what I was wishing for. I enjoyed my brief one-way visits to the Hydro Dam. I'm not saying anything more than that. The randomness of some key items added a lot to the challenge also. Overall, it is obvious that Hinterland doubled down on this update and made GREAT progress.

One thing I really enjoyed was the new music clips during significant weather changes. The music was amazing and really enhanced the atmosphere. The new echos just made me stop and listen in awe...and did I actually hear an echo while going through the pass near Alan's Cave? I swear I did. The attention to the audio details just pulled me in further to the spirit of the game.

I did find a couple minor, non-game breaking bugs. I'll check the bug area later tonight when I get to work, and if they haven't been added, I'll throw them up there. I'm too tired and need some rest myself now. It was a great day to be a Pre-Alpha tester. :)

Thanks for the great work Hinterland! And thanks to everyone who could make it to the livestream to visit, good times!

What did the rest of you think about the update?

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It's actually v.082, but should be updated to the correct version soon. That's why I'm holding back bug reports for now. Played a couple of games with this version and the supplies seem to be more random now. I noticed you didn't find the rifle where you expected to find it. It has been there about 9 times out of 10 so far, but that seems to have changed. I didn't get a chance to check as I had a nasty surprise before I got there. The afflictions should include a heart attack caused by surprise, but I guess Will is not old enough for that ;-)

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No kidding. We need nitro tablets for Will or a defibrillator nearby...I'm not exactly sure how the logistics of using a defib on myself would work. I'll just have to get Carl Corpse to help I guess.

I was a bit confused with the version number then. I noticed on the menu it said .082, but then Raph's update thread on the forum said .083. I made a decision and I'll accept the consequences! :)

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This update is pretty awesome, I agree with what was said above about certain environmental changes. I love the increased difficulty, haven't made it past 5 days yet. Randomizing the gun is key to making the game play unique every time you start a freshy. I was getting into a rut of looting the rest of the map surviving as long as possible then heading to Trappers Den to see how many extra days I could add on. Now I'm forced to explore a bit more.

Wolves seem a bit too tough I have yet to be able to fend one off, makes certain areas not accessible without the rifle.

Can't wait to use some harvested guts, I have a couple ideas of what they will be used for and I'm excited. The whole Harvesting overhaul is pretty awesome and makes a whole ton more sense. I love the idea that if i'm desperate and just need a quick snack from a wolf infested area I can just cut a quick bit and get the heck out of there.

The Hinterlands Team continues to impress!

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