Hello from Italy!


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Hi, I'm a 29 year old italian.

I play videogames since 1992 and I always searched for challenging games.

I discovered The Long Dark when a my friend sent me a link to a Scott Manley video of this wonderful game.

After saw barely 19 min of gameplay, I decided to buy it. Now I try to resist to not see others videos in order to not spoil me the contents.

My only regret is to have discovered this game too late for kickstarter campaign......

Congratulations for this awesome game!

First time that I saw a so detailed simulation of so many parameters and management. First time that starting a fire can fail. I love it.

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Welcome to The Long Dark community! I'm an old school PC gamers too. I'm 35 and have been PC gaming just a couple years longer than you (1984). I've played many hours of TLD and I still can't stop thinking about how to do things better during the next run.

It's a game that takes me back to my youth where games gave you the world and you got to figure them out. Back then there wasn't a ton of special effects and graphics, so story and gameplay were the crutch of a great game. Luckily this game is gorgeous AND has the old school approach. It's a lot like old movies vs new movies in that regard.

I'll be looking forward to hearing your impressions on launch day...assuming you can stop playing long enough to make a post. ;)

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Thanks for the welcome!

I saw some small parts of your videos (again for not spoil me too much). Thank you for this videos (and thanks to others youtubers too).

Probably the day of the release I will make a full immersion of 2-3 hours but surely I'll post here my impressions. :) Also I should stop playing for eating, sleeping.... I cannot deplete my real hunger / fatigue / thirst bars :)

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Hello Axios !

Enjoy the game when you can play it ! If you are waiting to play the steam release like me, I highly recommend accurize2 you tube videos. My favorite is his latest Life4 episode 1 which demonstrates the importance of working behind the wolves. Accurize2 is also quite entertaining and shows a lot of thought and planning into his various journeys which can help a great deal. Plus you can familiarize yourself with the map and key areas. Believe me, even if you know the map by heart, it will be extremely tough to survive a whole winter out there.

On another thought, playing as a wolf would probably be just as tough lol !!!!

Cheers !!!

Foxhound 8*)

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thanks for the info.

As I said on my first post I prefer to not spoil me anything.

I want a total challenge.

I came from games like Don't Starve and The Forest so my challenge level is already high. And I think that The Long dark is even more challenging than the previous titles for sevaral reasons. One for all, the chance to fail in starting fires.

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