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  1. Yes, agree to all. Expecially about old first aid pouch: please find a way to re use it in the new menu.
  2. Me too: viewtopic.php?f=57&t=7948
  3. Hi everyone, I like the new first aid body icon in main screen. But other changes leave me weird: Stats bars for me are too small, daylight indicatori is placed too low and white bars and < > icons are too small. Please consider to bring back old UI leaving the new health body icon. Green / rex bars for me were better. About states icons on hud (tired, frozen) definitely too small for me. Thanks.
  4. Hi everyone, in Carter Hydro Dam my GPU is experiencing an huge load of 98% on ultra. Before 264 average load was 66%. The high load raises the GPU temperature and I had to lower graphic to medium in order to reduce GPU load. FPS are always 60. No performance drop. Thanks.
  5. Maybe we can have a mix of the old and the new interface..... Old was more "survival" but the new is clearer expecially when pg have multiple affections....
  6. Literally love the new fire mechanic, the new ui, the new flare/ lantern/ matches selection mode. Simply amazing the new first aid UI. The new wolves mechanic too. Thanks for the performance impovement on fire animation. Before .256 starting a fire generated a 99% spike load on gpu. Now only 70%. New meteo effects? Seems a new game! I hope to see more savalageable objects like carpets, curtains, towels, maybe using the knife... Boil / melt UI maybe should be impoved: during the boil process, player cannot see what happen to fire, how many minutes of fire remains. Also for white progess bars (boil, repair), would be awesome if they could have border like the new sprint bar so player could know if the action is at 50%, 75% and so on. Thanks for this wonderful update!
  7. Me too. Sorry, no more info about the bug.
  8. Hai una citazione ufficiale di ciò ? Chiedo scusa per il ritardo nel rispondere: ... sts/607852
  9. TLD v. 1.92 Graphics: Ultra FOV: max Vsync: on Intel i5 760 quad 2,88 - 3,22 Ghz 4 Gb ram Evga Nvidia GTX 460 1 Gb vram 1280x1024 Area "Mistery lake" (Camp office) External 25 - 30 fps - gpu load at 30 - 40% Interiors 60 fps - gpu load at 50 - 60% Starting a fire, raise the load on gpu to 100% but still 30 fps extermal, 60 interiors. CPU: only one core is used, always at 60% - 90%. Reducing the graphic details to medium or low I only obtain 3-5 fps more (35 fps on external areas). No benefits starting fires (gpu load always at 100%) Please reduce gpu load when starting fire. However totally playable. No freezes at all. Thanks.
  10. Me too: Unity Player [version] tld.exe caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module tld.exe at 001b:002051f8. Error occurred at 2015-02-07_004542. D:\Programmi\Steam\steamapps\common\TheLongDark\tld.exe, run by Axios. 83% memory in use. 3584 MB physical memory [575 MB free]. 0 MB paging file [3444 MB free]. 2048 MB user address space [49 MB free]. Write to location 00000001 caused an access violation. Seems that the game try to allocate more than 2 Gb of ram and this cause a crash on win 7 32bit.
  11. Sono prevista almeno altre 3 mappe. E la storyline includerà quest e NPC. L'episodio 1 è l'intero gioco, stagione Inverno. Episodio 2: Primavera, standalone ma si potrà importare il pg.
  12. Continuo a scordarmi dell'esistenza di questa sezione @Ciscoav: Complimenti per la mappa! Grazie! Colgo l'occasione per porgere a tutti i miei migliori Auguri di Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo!
  13. To Devs and to everyone, my best wishes of Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May the 2015 will be an amazing year! Devs, thanks for developing TLD.
  14. After 1.70 no sound harvesting newspaper. Sound is ok harvesting newspaper roll. Steam cache verified.
  15. I experieced this too in .166. No blood loss, no infection risk but condition lowered to 82%.
  16. Hi everyone, Yesterday on .166 I harvested a 30% storm lantern with 66% of fuel. After harvesting, I obtained 1 scrap metal but no fuel was added to my backpack. Bug was previously reported here: viewtopic.php?f=61&t=1013&hilit=fuel
  17. Thanks for the news! No way to disable steam updates: 3 options only: - Keep the game updated (default) - Update the game only when launched - Keep the game updated and prioritize it in the download queue. I think that the only option for not update the game will be the 2nd "Update the game only when launched" but only if playing offline...
  18. Presente! Manco mi ero accorto che c'era la sezione italiana. :shock:
  19. We will be able to start a different savegame or we must first lose the current game?
  20. Do you harvest newspapers in order to obtain 3 tinder plugs from each newspaper?
  21. Actually, Camp Office: central, large, near to railroad, several deer and wolves around mystery lake. In future alphas: Trapper's Homestead, when its workbench will be usable.
  22. I really appreciate the new red first aid icon on hud. (1.27) Also now wolves are better scared by lit flares! 1.27, a great patch!