Stuck arrows not stuck anymore when re-entering scene


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That's actually been there since the bow was first introduced, but also solved issues [for players' benefits] with a lot of bad shots.

I know I was ecstatic to find all the top of tree arrow shots I made actually took pity on me a dropped them back to the ground after coming out of a building [i killed a lot of poor defenseless trees during my early shooting practice].

There was also a humorous stream when LMG tried indoor target practice into the ceiling... then realized uh-oh when they were stuck there... I thought he was going to break down in dance when he re=entered the farmhouse and saw all his arrows back on the floor.

It is a long time bug, but at least it's a fair one that balances a bit better for the players without being too OP.

@Jeremy - if you need to replicate effect, just shoot the ceiling in the PV farmhouse - leave the building - then go back in.

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