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Hello, I am KayneSyduin... I play on Xbox One--g/t: x1wH0xRidEsWILD


I was playing on my Xbox One, the other day, and, while looking through the store, noticed The Long Dark in a newly added PREVIEW section--upon reading its description, I decided that I had to check it out--so I downloaded it...

Without much anticipation, I waited as it installed; loaded it up--made full aware of my one hour-limitation--I checked the options--setup my game, looked through the menu--selecting the only available game-type ['sandbox'] and location [Mystery Lake], examined the difficulties [new to this game, I chose 'pilgrim'] and, then, started my harrowing journey into the cold unknown...

I won't go into the details of that excursion, however, I will say that an hour wasn't long enough... Sure I froze to death three times, but I found myself wanting to see more of this frozen wilderness; I had to explore the snow swept vistas that were tucked beneath the distant horizons... I had to best the blizzard, which had taken my life: thrice.

So... I waited until payday and, now, I own The Long Dark; an undeniable favorite. As I play more and more of the 'sandbox' mode I will post a review, but my first impressions: I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!

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So happy to see you enjoy this great game! :D I wish you get many exciting moments and much fun.Don`t hesitate to share with us your amazing survival stories in game.And here,in forums,ask anything you want to know,anything you need or do not understand.This great community will gladly help you with anything. :)

Wellcome to the forums,buddy! :D

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