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  1. Now streaming on twitch, stalker.
  2. You have access to a massive, ever-present and always available solar compass... just look at the shadows cast by the trees, then see what time of day it is; the sun rises from the eastern horizon and sets behind the western one.
  3. I've never hit an animal, except for using flares to entrance wolves... My brother swears that you use the barrel, rather than the iron sights to hunt... but I've never stayed alive long enough to test it--generally, if I'm on Stalker, I spawn near hungry bears [and never see the sunset--which, doesn't detract from the fun I have].
  4. Thank you for the reply... I never survive long enough to see anything despwan; certainly, this information will become a great help as my survival skills are realized.
  5. make cloth into a wick and make candles, a low light renewable light source.
  6. I thought about marking a trail with sticks... do items have a despawn, whether its 'once you leave area' or 'on a timer' or if it 'dumps the memory cache whenever full or by automation'?
  7. Is it possible to have our 'Cycle Light Sources' action remember the last Light Source-equipped? ...rather than starting back at matches each time. Also, if the 'Holster' action worked two-ways; instead of only putting an item away, maybe we can put up/take out our last Item-equiped
  8. waiting on Deadpool to break the fourth wall...
  9. I understand that re-tooling the perimeter of the map is going to be a huge undertaking, if you even decide to add in a "jump" or "climb" mechanic, but it'll be well worth the immersion aspect... please, consider it. maybe have it tied into weight-carried, fatigue, stamina... without it, even though, we don't necessarily need it, it feels like I'm playing a man whose parents sheltered him so much, he bought and crashed a plane before he realized that he could hop and skip and bound--it's just a bit odd, thats all.
  10. A wolf/wolves; as either sled-dogs... Or a lone hunting companion. Make their personality stubborn and volatile; have us fear a six dog mutiny.
  11. Thinking on it a bit more... What if, in the Harvest/Repair[/Refuel/Reload] Menu, that you access through the Equipment Screen, there was an option to Place said item. The mechanic that allows us to place our Campfires, Bedrolls and Stormproof Lanterns would offer more precision, than 'at my ankles'.
  12. What about consolidating kerosene; looking at the Bottle of Lantern Fuel and the Jerry Can items... Maybe make it possible to transfer kerosene between the two containers, as well as, allow them to exist whenever empty... And, if you need to dispose of the empties, harvest them for scrap metal.
  13. So far... Really loving v.256, Deep Forest; digging the new First-Aid interface; I miss foraging, but not as much as I enjoy smashing furniture into firewood... The light source rework is superb--and HUD elements are greatly appreciated. I haven't journeyed enough to feel the full weight of the update that brought me to v.256, however, I do know that the mesmeric sway and weightless tumble of innumerable snowflakes, trapped in the throes of a violent blizzard is as beautiful as it is a dangerous, entrancing white siren of swirling ice... So, wish me luck--as I head into frigid, Canadian desolation.
  14. streaming TLD, silent-movie mode, (commentary-free; alway open to self-provided musical accompaniment)