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Hello All,

I had an Idea for the end game sandbox, every time I mention this the long dark players seem to really think it would be a good Idea for several reasons. Probably not the first to mention this but here we go, it would be really cool and maybe not that hard to implement game ending stats? Then again I have no Idea what I'm talking about because I've never created a game before ;-). But I really think these stats could push the players to retry, time and time again trying to beat their own personal surviving scores. Players like to know what they did right and what they did wrong, and how they could do better etc...and I think this would bring a lot to The Long Dark experience! The stats could be about anything and everything, here are a couple of examples in order of importance:

-Total objects found, looted in-game therefore how many missed! (this one being the most popular one)

-Total Wolfs, Bears, rabbit killed etc..

-How much time spent sleeping and/or awake

-Total interiors discovered

-How much calories/water consumed

-How many Km walk

-How many Days spent in each region etc...

I could go on but I really don't realize what kind of work this would represent, must be harder maybe impossible for some stats, but I really think pilgrim players, voyageur players and stalker players would really really enjoy this!!!

Hinterland Team Thank you for your time and for this great game.

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Make less of a plain list round down... I don't know why I find this so visually pleasing.


You could substitute countries with food items eaten, add items that were crafted, player skill stats, top tool used...

If such a thing was possible. OP's got everything else.

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Fraction of time standing still/moving, sleeping/awake. Even if hibernation will be banished.

I'm curious to hear what Bethany as a Hinterland employee feels about speedrunning. Some devs/players shun it like the plague while others embrace it. And speedruning can, and does, generate sufficient exposure, just look at GDQ to name the one most people heard of.

Because you display something like found objects/total objects and the next second somebody will speedrun it, even if it's RNG based. I will for sure. Because if Hinterland is pro speedrunning, or at least not anti, the future or lack of a TLD speedrunning community is more or less decided right now: end-game stats. So it's easier to have low%, any%, 100% categories and so on without you having to make them up and keep track of them because the game does it for you.

Hold that thought, I have to make a new topic.

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