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Hi there!

The condition of your clothing (and basically all the items) are start to degrade right after you pick them up or just examine them. Then the condition will slowly decrease until it's reach 0%, and the clothes became "ruined". You can still repair them when they're in "ruined" stage.

Storing them are always a good idea. The fastest degradation will occur when you leave them on the floor or when you wear them. Clothes are degrade slower in your backpack as on the floor, or when you wear them. And the slowest degradation will occur when you put them in a container(drawers, etc). There were differences between the types of the containers in previous builds. E.g. outside corpses was better for keep food in them, than other containers. I'm not tested this yet in v244.

I myself take off my protagonist's clothes to save condition, when I can. And clothes have different repair amounts. Some only has 25% but some others has 55-60%. And the repair cost (one cloth) would be the same.

Wolf attacks could be the worst for your clothing. It's an immediate and usually big condition loss on random clothes you wearing.

In my experience clothing (especially boots) condition are influenced by how many miles/kms you travel when wearing them.

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This mechanic has changed. As of the time of this post, ruined clothing cannot be repaired, but it can still be harvested for cloth (which you can then use to repair other clothing or make bandages)

Also, the deterioration of the clothing is now the same whether you are wearing them or they are stored in a container. Even sleeping in clothing does not degrade them faster as I have tested this extensively.

Blizzards winds, wolf attacks and especially bear attacks are not very good for your clothing however.

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