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  1. I have been playing Desolation Point a lot recently, and the inability to get over very low obstacles makes travel much more tedious, specifially there is a low bump around the entrance to the whale processing facility that is clearly only a few inches tall, but you can't walk over it, it would be nice if there was slightly more clearance.
  2. I figured there would be a way to make a better screenshot, so I kept the save, and reloaded to screenshot, here you go. Does that help?
  3. Oh! Thanks! Sorry, I haven't been on the forums since before the switch and I'm still trying to figure out the new interface.
  4. Where are you quoting from? Your post cuts off after "otherwise it continues to.."
  5. I was playing through a run in mystery lake, and i fell down this small area that looked like a pass through a ridge, but turned out to be a pit. I was unable to get out of it through any running method. Is this intentional? Should I just delete my save? This feels like back design if so, but I assume I am missing something. I attatched screenshots to attempt to give an idea of where it is, sorry if they are not very good, I'm not particularly good at screenshotting.
  6. I was injured by a wolf in a recent playthrough, but when I applied antiseptic, the "infection risk" would not go away. I had applied a bandage, and the bleeding went away, so treatments for other things were working, just not this. Unlike other times, I did not have antiseptic early on so it took me a while to find some and apply it. Does antiseptic not do anything if you apply it a certain amount of time after being injured? If so, is there any other way to deal with this? Or is this just a bug?
  7. Dear Community, It seemed before houses averaged about 2c ,now it seems to be down to -2 or -5c, did this change in the last patch? If so, I'm not sure how I feel about that, dev's what was the rationale for that?
  8. I'm glad I'm not alone in this worry, that makes me feel a bit better as I thought maybe it was just me.
  9. I've found that a handful of players who play this game a massive amount have been complaining that it's too easy , and what worries me is that the game will be tuned too hard to please these extreme-hardcore players and make it inaccessible for those of us who don't have as much time to invest in the game. I just read a post on a recent thread about how the last few updates have made the game so much easier, when Deep forest, it seems to me, made it substantially harder. I'm a big fan of you guys at hinterland listening to us people on the forum, but my fear is that people who play the game a huge amount and are therefore disproportionately active in the forum, will give you guys feedback that will end up making a game that already has steep difficulty curve too inaccessible to both new and less intense players.
  10. I'm annoyed at people like chill bitching at basically any time a game isn't gruelingly hard cause of the random number generators happened to have done well. Seriously, if you don't think the last update deep forest made it harder, not easier, you're not playing the same game I am.
  11. Thank you so much for the save slots! I've been afraid to play much because of my fear of losing my almost 100 day game in order to play around with the updates, finally, I can play again!
  12. Frankly, I can't imagine a single thing that would do more to make the game boring faster. A day taking a day would be fantastically boring, just like surviving in this situation would actually entail, a huge amount of mind-numbing boredom.
  13. Frankly, I feel, to some extent, this shouldn't be used as just another way to make the game harder, which shouldn't be the point of development, but I think a more in depth backpack system might be interesting.
  14. Can we have the ability to mark trees (maybe with the requirement of a knife or hatchet) with trail markers to know where we've been or where to go?
  15. For me, hibernation is thus, I basically have nothing to do, there is limited ammo ((arrows and bullets) to hunt food with, so conserving energy by not walking/running is key, so without anything to do (I have water, wood, and food) I just sleep, it's really due to a lack of anything to do that wouldn't be a needlessly dangerous waste of time and resources.