A sled would be helpful!

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I just made an account to search and see if there was any sled talk. It seems many have mentioned it but I couldn't find a thread devoted to it, so here is my post.

A sled would be an awesome way to increase the amount of items that you can cary. Whether it's animal bodies or really anything, this would be an interesting development. Maybe it could be made from wood? Or a vehicle's roof as I saw someone mention. If this has already been beaten to death, sorry, I just would like to see some sled action :)

I also saw some talk about snow shoes or skis. I didn't even think about that while I was playing, but that would be cool too.

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I think a sled would be a perfect addition. If you where really surviving you would lash together a couple of branches so you could drag along some extra gear when you were out foraging. Also it would slow you down so if you met a wolf/bear you would have to drop it and run. Then when you came back any meat on the sled could have been taken.


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