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  1. I'm loving this map too. The rock climbing is interesting, forces me to be away from my home for longer periods of time. In every other map, I can always do supply runs and make it home in the same day. On this map, I find myself sleeping in caves and using a lot of outdoor fires. The journal is another appreciated addition. Allows me to be a complete geek and write about what I did that day, but also serves me down the road if I stop playing a save for a few weeks.
  2. It was basically a full 24 hours after my first encounter with him, then after my next encounters another 12 hours, so I guess that means it resets when I leave the dam then? I'll need to experiment with it more another time I guess, just got myself killed, figured I'll go try the new map for a bit.
  3. Started playing yet again, nearing the 200 hour mark now. Anyway, thought I'd give some minor feedback on what I've seen so far. The new map is interesting, haven't gotten to fully explore it yet, but it looks like it may present a bit of challenge. The Lighthouse will likely be my home when I do play it more. That being said, I do find the game has gotten significantly more challenging with the small changes to how wood is collected now, and stamina for sprinting. Find myself ending up in more deadly situations, in fact, just went through one of the craziest incidents I've ever encountered. Currently on Mystery Lake, and setup my base in the Forestry Lookout (Thank you for item placement so I could now use the location better). STORY - TL;DR Version Below ********************************* Decided to hit up the dam for some supplies, but had a run in with Fluffy, managed to get out alive, bandage up and rest an hour. Was getting late so I decided to head back to my base, when I saw a wolf eating a dear, decided to scare it away with a flare and steal it's kill. Once fully harvested, I was near freezing and ready to rush back to the tower, then got surrounded by 2 wolves, scared one away quick, but the other got hold of me. Got out of that alive, bandaged and started running, ran low on stamina, at this point I was freezing, and starving. Couldn't see wood around, so I just ate some raw venison to try and slow my dying, ended up with food poisoning in return, and realized I forgot antibiotics this trip. Kept on moving and my character ended up exhausted, forcing me to walk the entire way. Figured I'd stop at the trailers nearby, to notice a wolf right by them and now I was out of flares, so had to sneak by and continue to the Lookout Tower. My health and freezing got so bad I contracted hypothermia, and halfway up the hill to the lookout, things just really did not look good for me. My vision went so blurry and distorted by the time I got to the stairs, it was a trial getting up, but I got in, to my medical box for pills, and noticed I was at 1% health. I managed to pop the pills, and rest quick, keeping myself alive, but damn if that was not the craziest thing that's ever happened to me. TL;DR Got attacked by fluffy, escaped, getting late, need to return to base. See wolf eating deer, scare wolf, steal dear, harvest, get rushed by two wolves, scare one, get attacked by other. Get out alive, freezing and starving, no wood around, eat raw venison. Get food poisoning, no antibiotics. Character exhausted, can't run, trailers protected by wolf, no more flares, now have hypothermia. Make it to forestry lookout with 1% health and survived. Anyway, that story aside, that leads me to some things I need to bring up. I've not been able to find a toolbox on Mystery Lake this playthrough, been to every building, including the secret bunker, and the only bit I haven't searched yet, is the safe in the dam, and one of the walkways in the basement of the dam. Which leads to the other thing at hand. I'm not sure what changes may have been made, but unlike any other time I've played, it seems Fluffy will not bleed out over time. I went back to the dam, fought him again, got outside, healed up, and redid this step like 4 times, and he's still not dead. Gonna have to go get my gun I guess, but I find it strange that suddenly fighting off wolves with an axe or knife doesn't seem to be resulting in them bleeding out over time. Not much else I can say other then that at this time. Overall, lot of good changes I'm seeing so far, and really glad one of my wishlist features got added.
  4. I noticed this a long time ago. Still check every visor in hopes of that super rare chocolate bar, but... Never found a damn thing.
  5. Pretty sure it's been mentioned before and many people were positive about the idea, but I'll give this an upvote just in case I'm remembering wrong. +1
  6. I wouldn't mind finding some free ice caps or making a french vanilla cappuccino, lol. But yah, as Fuarian said, very unlikely to see them in areas like what is displayed in this game.
  7. I'd rather a locker in the forestry lookout. Camp Office has more then enough storage I think.
  8. I personally love the changes that were done, and didn't have any issues figuring out where to head. All I can really say to this situation is... In the future, if you're uncertain, ask questions on here, or check videos on youtube.
  9. Were you starving? freezing? dehydrated? exhausted? or at least close to being in any of those states? If so, that might explain it. I believe the wolves are scripted to pick up on weakness, so when you're stats aren't all maintained well, they're more likely to rush you. Not much else I can think to bring up that hasn't been mentioned, personally I think the wolves are too easy to deal with, but that's just me.
  10. I don't think this is something hinterlands intends to make part of the game. Although it would be fun playing with friends or family, the game mechanics would present a number of issues in a multiplayer game.
  11. When you find the matches spread across all 3 maps, they'll take you quite the distance. I don't think I've ever even used up half the matches I've found, and never end up using magnifying glasses or firestrikers. Worse case scenario I'd think, is all your matches degrading to the point of being unusable, but so long as you travel a bit at a time, and only collect supplies when you will need them soon, you should be able to survive hundreds, if not thousands of days without issue.
  12. It is a bit weird yah. I could understand finding branches, sticks, tinder, etc... In the fact it was likely used for nesting purposes, or just random pieces blown in by wind, or perhaps carried knocked in by someone or something at some point. However, that being said, I'd prefer not having the ability to harvest inside the cave, requiring a player to go outside, but that's just me.
  13. I think it would be a nice addition, especially since bedrolls give a warmth bonus now. So allow sleeping without them, removing warmth bonus, and perhaps making it only replenish ones fatigue at like 3/4 or 2/3 the rate of when using a bed/bedroll. Could always toss in a small system which causes stiff muscles when sleeping without a bedroll, increasing odds of sprains. But that might be a step too much, just figured I'd mention it too.
  14. I can't say with 100% certainty, but I'm pretty sure running will cause you to burn calories faster, get thirsty faster and get tired faster. Whether or not it actually causes more loss based on distance is something I have no clue about. Personally, I try to walk a lot, but I still run a lot when I need to do long distance simply because I want to avoid storms, and I don't find it's ever had a significant negative impact on my games. Even if I run constantly, I still survive for long periods of time, so walking is more or less something I do just for personal immersion purposes.