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Hey guys,

Loving the new look and all the extra areas on the forum, not sure my girlfriend will appreciate it seeing as I am probably going to loose a lot of time here but hey :D

But I clicked on the "Discussions" link at the top, which normally brings me to the Forum Index and it brought me to my "Recent" threads I have interacted with. In fact I cant actually find the whole normal index any more

Could you fix that please?

Much Love


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@Dara: if you mean seeing the master category index, you can reach it by clicking the top Hinterland Logo - that will take you to the front page of the forum. I agree it's not really intuitive, so perhaps we could add a "Forum Index" (or similar wording) link right above the "Discussions" link.

As well, it would help to change the red box wording from "NEW DISCUSSION" to "START A NEW DISCUSSION" -- I can tell you how many times I've already clicked it by mistake thinking it would list out strictly new discussions (and forgetting that link is actually to start a new thread post).

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Unfortunately We dont have direct access to that button, i can change the wording by using css pseudo elements, some people on ie8 wont see it...

When you click on discusions it takes you to the forum's latest discussion index with all the latest thread.

When you click on the logo it takes you to the forum's homepage where you can pick any category you want.

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Hey, sorry for the late reply. My internet has gone to shit and my ISP has no idea what. Seems my router even actually thinks it still has 14 meg (thats all I can get atm :'( ooh well, network upgrade coming soon I hope) even though my tests say 1 meg max :/ Plus ISP knows there is an issue as loads of people are complaining of the same issue .... any who, moving on

So ok I did not explain this very well :D

So I used to be able to just click on Discussion and I would get the actual index of the forum but it looked like this


but did not have only the recent stuff but had the entire index like this


If you look closely you will see that clicking on Discussions actually results in going to Recent discussions and clicking the logo goes to an over view with very little info. See here for highlighted


The difference is that the main page does not have that "New" info on it and would mean I could simply scroll through the index and see what I had missed. Was an easy and quick way to see what I had missed or not seen yet but yet still keeping the threads in the context of their section (ie I would not pop into a Hinterland thread general thinking it was offtopic or from The Long Dark section of the forums)

Seems like a small thing and actually it is but if it was an oversight I thought you guys should know. It happened when you added all the cool stuff to the forum. btw I'm blaming @Ralph as he seems to be intent on braking the forum :P lol ;)

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  • Hinterland

Dara -- You're talking about the Categories structure, which used to be visible from the left-hand navbar. I removed this, so that people would be encouraged to navigate this forum like the more traditional type of forum many people seemed more comfortable with.

If you want to see the main Discussions view that was set as the old default, you can just click the Discussions button in your top navbar, just below the Hinterland logo.

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