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Hi, I have only the Pacifist Achievement left, I tried to do it in Voyager mode and other than fending off the wolf in Cater Dam. I survived the first 25 days only eating canned food,soda, candy bars, coffee, tea, cattails and did not get it.

Then I tried it in Pilgrim mode this time not fending off, killing any animals or eating any meat and it did not unlock after the first 25 days.

Is there any updated information on what needs to be done to unlock this achievement?

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Lately players have been reporting achievements not triggering when they should, it's most likely related to that. They -Hinterland- are looking into it.

We are indeed. It's very peculiar, and we're not having a lot of luck reproducing the issue (meaning it's working as intended for us), but we're working on it.

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