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Hello, pleased to meet and greet!

Saw this game during the E3 Xbox press conference, amazing. Was able to download the 1 hour demo, and bought it right after the demo ended on Xbox.

Grinned ear to ear seeing the Canadian flag at the camp center for the first time. Also grinning cause I was starting to freeze to death. Happy sight indeed. Of course a few hours later I provide a warm meal to a hungry wolf. :)

Anyways, after a couple of quick lessons in death, I've managed to survive 5 days and a bit. Currently staring out the windows of a forestry tower wondering if I should race day light to get to home base or possibly starve to death in the warmth of shelter... Choices, choices. Curious about fending off wolves, I took to the net and landed here.

Game brings back memories of the cold of Saskatchewan and the Forests of ThunderBay.

Well, have a great day.

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Hey there! I always try not to race the sunset unless I'm very well-prepared...Actually, I've learned not to go anywhere unless I'm prepared! You'll find yourself automatically making mental notes about potential scenarios and preparing accordingly before too long. It's amazing how quickly things can change in this game, which is a big part of what makes me love it so much.

Thanks for sharing your experience and for joining the forums! Welcome!

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