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A seasons change would make it much different! Change the idea of how much water you'll need!

--Here are my ideas--

-There is no houses so you need to keep a fire going at night as you sleep, making surviving 3 days would be amazing. The only way you can survive is by crafting and finding anything to burn.

-You are being hunted by wolves whenever you venture outside. Every 2 days another wolf will join in the hunt, it starts with only 1. Use a flare to scare it away only keeps it away for 2 hours and if you kill it another will come the when a new wolf would join.( ps. wolves will still roam around the lands)

-you are a rescuer and are against the clock looking for all or any survivor(s) before they die. (set up for this is that you have been separated from your squad, now low on supplies. Though you can call for pickup but they can only come once, call when you have saved remaining survivors or save your own skin!)

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