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  1. Sorry, I think that's the only way (unless something changed since the last time I tried). I usually screenshot them and transcribe only when I need to. But good news! Last time I checked, every time you start a new custom game it will have the same settings you used last time (you can easily check by looking at the code and comparing it with the previous one). So if you want to tune some settings from your last custom game, you don't need to save and paste codes every time. There is no way to change the settings during a run as far as I know. That's a bit annoying, but I understand why that isn't a thing.
  2. I didn't try in survival mode yet but in story mode (hardened survivor) hitting rabbits with stones is still easy as usual. Crouch, approach from the side, get super close since rabbits have a small detection range when you're crouched, aim and shoot. I didn't notice any difference since last time I played to be honest, it's always ridiculously easy.
  3. Kaisentlaia


    Cattails are dry, I think the only alive part they have are their tubers. Rose hips are dormant, with dry berries still hanging on them. Reishi mushrooms won't be actively growing in that cold, I expect them to be dry and woody. It's true that plants might be still alive but they'd be dormant, because that's what winter is for. It could be possible to grow some seeds inside only if the temperature never dropped under a certain point (probably 10C/50F) and if they had enough light, pretty complicated to obtain those conditions in this game. Plant growing would be too far fetched and seed sprouting for eating purposes looks redundant to me since we already have a plant-based calorie source that respawns, birch bark and its tea.
  4. Good points @jeffpeng and @ManicManiac. Personally, I always saw that wobbly screen animation as a simplified representation of "you tripped and sprained your wrist trying to steady yourself", so I don't see anything wrong with this mechanic. I managed to hurt my hands really bad once by tripping and falling on a slippery sidewalk and I wasn't even on a slope, wrist sprains while walking on a snowy slope make perfect sense to me.
  5. Is that how it's supposed to work? During 4DON I just waited for them to stop and then ran into their faces with the high beam on until they fled (or got stuck) 😂
  6. Guys this turned out to be such an interesting conversation! Thank you all for your contrbutions @ManicManiac regarding match usage, you're right there. I must have played too much 4DON/Story Mode lately, because I was literally swimming in matches and didn't consider how rare they can be in Interloper/custom. You're right that it's a matter of choice, but I feel like the only really long lasting lighting choice at the moment is a fire (torches burn out quickly and I never timed a full lantern but I doubt that could last a whole night), that's why I would like a more efficient option. Match usage could be easily optimized tho even on harder difficulties: light a fire, cook/make water, pull a torch, use it to light your candle and then craft/read/repair away until you're exhausted, without having to waste another match or wood. That's exactly what I meant @Kean Valk, thank you (and by the way, I love your idea of using a long lasting candle to relight a fire). I did suggest candles before but it would have been a daunting task for the devs at the time. Right now it could be possible to craft a makeshift candle using items and a model (with a few modifications) already present in the game and the existing crafting system and mechanics. That said, ready-made candles would be a nice touch as well, but I picture them being as rare as match boxes and that could be vexing on some experience modes with low loot. A craftable candle could light up even an Interloper's nights, given enough fishing (if it was made with lantern fuel). I guess that what I'd like to see is a fuel-effective light source that would last a long time with little fuel, with some drawbacks to balance it like for example being unmovable once lit and requiring a way to light it up as ManicManic correctly pointed out. It would not replace the torch or storm lantern, but offer a different option to satisfy different needs.
  7. I started playing ages ago, January 2015. The difficulty modes had just been implemented and I started with Voyageur but I kept dying a few in game hours in, so I switched to Pilgrim for a couple of runs to understand the basic needs mechanics before going back to the angry wolves. As soon as it was introduced I tried it out, I was playing Stalker before that because Voyageur got too easy. Right now v.119 early access launch time capsule which is tough, wolves are not that bad and cold isn't either but it's the scarcity (and the food poisoning) that kills you. Amazing. Before I discovered time capsules I used to play a custom mode similar to Interloper, littlest loot possible but less dangerous wildlife and slightly milder weather, I'll probably go back to it after I get bored with the memory lane trip.
  8. I agree with almost everything @Kean Valk said. That's true but all the current options feel too expensive to me. Most of the times I wait until morning to craft/read/repair because I find it too wasteful to light a fire just for that (I should at least cook something or make water meanwhile, but sometimes I just want to focus on the task), not to mention the precious precious lantern oil... that's something that should be used for exploring, not certainly for sewing. 😂 I know I could just go fishing, pick up a bunch of fish oil and then use the lantern for night-long crafting sessions but it just feels so wrong to me. Candles would be very atmospheric and I feel like a dedicated light source for indoor activities is currently missing. (by playing the early alpha version from the time capsule I realized that the more variety the easier the game gets, the first version was brutal! But since we're already there, I see no harm in the addition of another small bit of variety like candles)
  9. I know, has been asked so many times (by me as well) but now... there is a model (just put a fat candle inside a can) there is a lightning effect sorted out: there are appropriate ingredients: recycled can, lantern fuel, cloth for a wick (or animal fat but that would be a new item so let's stick with fish oil) there is a crafting system to make it happen Please please let us have craftable candles! It would be amazing if they had some downsides (like being unmovable once lighted, requiring a match/torch to light, and going off at the slightest bit of wind) but upsides too like lasting much longer than a storm lantern, allowing us to read, craft and see during dark nights. PRETTY PLEASE
  10. True, true. I never bait them so I forgot about that one! Although it could fall under oblivious maybe. I like your "keep distance" idea! Completely agree, the avoidance state could be interesting from an immersion point of view but having a more random behaviour that changes over time would already be great even using the already existing states! Nope, it's Lapine. Well, it's a translation of the Lapine name Hyzenthlay, one of the characters of Watership Down by Richard Adams. I love that novel! (I didn't watch the new series on netflix yet tho, so I can't comment on that)
  11. I get that dangerous wildlife is a fundamental part of the game's difficulty and that it's Hinterland's vision (afaik voyager is how HG intended the game, before the other difficulties were added). Right now predators have four states: oblivious, when they haven't noticed the player yet stalking, when they noticed the player but are still too far away to attack aggressive, when they are close enough to attack the player scared, when they run away whimpering Right now when the player gets detected there's a slim chance for the wolf to get scared and run away, and that's pretty cool. Too bad that bears and moose have only one reaction, which is stalking for the bear and attacking for the moose. It makes sense because having the bear or the moose run scared in front of a player that didn't hurt them in any way would be nonsense (unless it's pilgrim), but it's a bit boring because it's completely predictable. I'd like to see a fifth state for wolves, bears and moose: avoiding. It would replace fear upon detection in the wolf (and in the pilgrim bear) and it would consist in the animal noticing the player and trying to keep at a distance from them. Not a frantic run like a scared animal but a fast walk in the opposite direction. The animal could change state if the player would close distance on them quickly, running towards them. In that case they would go straight to aggressive, or scared for pilgrim. Of course this would not apply in case of wolves eating prey. It would be amazing if the balance between avoiding and stalking/aggression would change over time as well: at the beginning of the game avoidance would prevail, and slowly shift to a higher probability of stalking/aggression as the time goes by. Just imagine being sure that dangerous animals will keep their distance from you and suddenly one of them attacks you! That would be a fun surprise! TL;DR what if all dangerous wildlife had a chance to try to keep their distance from you upon detection, instead of having just wolves with a chance of running away scared and yelping in front of an unarmed guy? Yes this would probably be a nightmare to code, but I really wanted to get this idea out there. A girl can dream
  12. How long have stones been in game? Well a few days ago I discovered you can scare aggroed wolves throwing stones at them (if you're hidden and you don't miss them). I was crouching on a rock when a wolf noticed me and aggroed, but it couldn't reach me so it kept running against the base of the rock. Throwing stones near it to distract it didn't work, but when I threw one on its nose it got scared and ran away! I tried hitting it just for the lulz, I had no idea that could really work!!
  13. I absolutely loved it! Days 2 and 3 were a bit boring, didn't have a reason to go out much and risk it since I was fully stocked to survive many days so I just left the game running while doing something else to let the 2 hours pass. I tried to fish a bit during the aurora but didn't work so I just hunkered down. I guess I would've liked it more if it was an in-game time requirement. Day 1 was super fun and day 4 got fun as well after I got my badge, because I started exploring around and testing my familiarity with the maps. I'm proud to say I was able to move from Quonset to Trapper's without dying and without losing my way once! I admit I had to move my pc clock back to experience the event from day one, because I didn't know it was happening until a friend told me and at that point it was the 31st already. I'm not on social media and I'm not always on the forums but I always check my mail, if the 4DON announcement was sent via newsletter I wouldn't have risked to miss it! But I've set a reminder for next year just in case. Anyway, great work as usual Hinterland! Can't wait for the next year's event!
  14. I actually always liked the fact that I could do stuff like that by mistake. I remember back when the radial didn't exist yet, so many deaths by non-potable water. I took the habit to always drop it to avoid drinking it by mistake. For me, at least, it's very realistic, because irl: I threw away things that I had to keep and kept the stuff I had to throw away, more times than what I care to admit I drank from a bottle thinking it was something, and it was something else (usually something gone bad, or with a horrible taste) I don't usually start fires, but I could definitely see myself throwing in the fire a precious book I'm reading while carefully keeping an useless yellow pages book from 1996 The only thing that I'd never do is eat raw meat by mistake, but still I don't find it very upsetting. If it was for me, I'd get rid of the book-burning warning as well. I do understand tho that this kind of mistakes can be upsetting for some players. On one hand, the game is against hand-holding and those alerts are a bit hand-holdy, on the other hand having more alerts could save some people much frustration. I wouldn't mind if they were added, but only if there was the possibility to disable them in custom mode (like the wake up on freezing one).
  15. I'm forced to agree with 1, even though I like the multiple cooking spots. 2-3-4 I like the idea but I agree with @Psybin and @Stone, I think that the player should have the possibility to make a cooking fire even at level 1. I'd love to see a regular campfire just for eating, that could then be improved adding stones (and time). This is brilliant and I need it so bad (I agree with 6 too). 7, yes please. I wished for it as well in this thread (with a few ideas on how to manage the UI for fire-removal).