newby meat for the wolves >D


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hello, there :D i'm the latest newby to be sucked into the awesomeness that is TLD.

i was told about this game by a friend (who i'm not sure is registered on the forums, but she stalks it quite frequently), and convinced to buy and download it. by the way, approximately $14 for this game is AMAZING. i would've gladly payed full price if given a demo beforehand. if there was a demo, then i am indeed blind and just missed it x3 however, i was assured by my friend that the game was well worth it, and i now fully appreciate the game!

i am slowly learning the ropes of the game, playing it on the easy mode first, and am completely impressed. i was concerned that my fiancee's laptop (as i fried the motherboard out of my own laptop and traded the remnants for an older desktop that can't run [expletive here]) wouldn't be able to run it, as most computer games are beyond its capabilities, but i was pleasantly surprised to find out that it runs it quite well. granted, this is on the low graphics setting, but the game is still beautiful. to have found a game that runs on my available laptop, which is immersion, which is survival, which is worth the full price, which is able to suck me into its world... i simply cannot find the words to express my sheer appreciation and joy.

so, all of that said, please feel free to eat my newbymeats xD eventually, i shall become a veteran and shall be feasting on other newby's meats >3

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So glad you're enjoying the game, and excited to see you've joined the forums as well!

In time, you'll know just as much as the seasoned survivors. Please feel free to ask questions or post about your experiences - We have a wonderful community, and I know they'll be more than happy to help, give feedback, or just chat with you about the game. Encourage your friend to join too, we'd love to have her!

Welcome to the forums!

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