Underweight and Encumbered

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v.065 - Underweight and Encumbered

Location: Outside Dam building

Incident: I was encumbered, so I dropped all my firewood outside, and that lowered me below the limit, however the screen still says I'm encumbered. I dropped a lot more supplies, and same result.

NOTE: I was exhausted, so I'm not sure if that was the reason I was listed as encumbered no mater how much I dropped. I had to quit because after I had dropped most of my weight, I could barely move towards the door in the dark -- so I could check whether that "Encumbered" would clear from the screen or not once inside.

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Guest Alan Lawrance

We've actually fixed the capacity display for the next update -- your max capacity will reflect any exhaustion penalty (and will be displayed in red if there is a penalty).

P.S. Also fixed the "Encumber" overlap with overlays

P.S.S. Also fixed the fact the carry capacity was always in KG on the Container interface

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