Didn't Know A Wolf Was Attacking


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Loving TLD ... epic!

Not so much a bug but definitely something wrong. After leaving the cabin with the Canadian flag one morning, I walked up to the railway tracks and saw a wolf. It was too close to go undetected, but far enough I could attempt to run back to the cabin. I turned and ran for my life without stopping and made it back to the cabin and entered into relative safety.

Upon entering I noticed my condition had dropped from 100% to 65% ... I had obviously been caught by the wolf and attacked, but it never registered with me either visually or audibly.

I know this isn't the "wish list section" but it could do with something to let you know you're in trouble.

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Hey, welcome to the forums!

Unfortunately (for these purposes), quite a bit of the cabins have Canadian flags. Do you know what map you were exploring? For future reference: F8 snaps a screenshot that saves directly to your desktop with a set of coordinates imprinted on it.

There are some other factors to consider as well, like the weather, temp, how long you were outside, etc. We would need a few more details to know exactly why your condition deteriorated the way it did. We have had people get caught by the "attack" animation as they reach a door, but I don't know that we've had many encounters where the animation was skipped altogether.

If you're able to provide enough detail to determine this might have been an actual bug, I'll move you over to that forum. Thanks again!

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Actually I noticed this happen also, I don't think it's a bug.

In v.236 if a wolf attacks right as you enter a building, you'll notice a red message pop up in the bottom right corner of the screen saying "Condition -35%" or something like that.

The message appears and then goes away pretty quickly, so you probably just didn't notice it.

Maybe a better approach would be to wait until you get inside the building, and then show the message for longer and more obviously?

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My apologies for the lack of details, my message was written minutes before I had to leave for work and was rushed :oops:

The map was Mystery Lake and the cabin with the flag is the Camp Office (I believe - The one next to the Mystery Lake).

Although I don't remember the specific details:

It was early morning - 2 hours+ after first light.

Just slept - Condition 100%

Hunger & Thirst - very very low (Just had my breakfast :D)

Clothing was all green repair level and offered the best protection I've experienced so far (ok warmth bonuses)

The weather was clear but moderate wind - +2 arrow on cold gauge (cold was 0 when I left cabin)

I walked from the cabin up the hill to railway tracks and back. Was outside for less than a minute real time.

Was thinking, as someone said, I was attacked as I entered the door?

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