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  1. Well, I've been trying to get past the bridge full of cars in episode one since the day Wintermute came out and I'm tired of trying. The combat is impossible. No matter how much I mash the damn button, I die when the wolf attacks me and with the wind, I can't keep a torch lit. So I'm bricked. I've been looking forward to this game for years, but as it stands, its unplayable for me. And I generally didn't play on Pilgrim, I played on Voyager, so it isn't like I'm not used to dealing with wolves.
  2. I will agree that where you need to jam the mouse button, it doesn't seem to move the meter at all. I'm stuck being killed by wolves over and over again because I can't fight them. I finally just gave up.
  3. I fought a wolf and now I am unable to interact with things. I tried rebinding the key and it doesn't help. I can't open doors or interact with corpses. I can still click in things in the menu fine. I was able to eat and drink. However, clicking on the bedroll also didn't do anything.
  4. Thanks! Figured I was just missing it.
  5. Am I missing it, or once you hit '1', is there no way to stop having a lighting option chosen? I constantly have a flare, lantern, or matches hovering in my view and the only way I've found to get around it is to throw and pick back up the flare.
  6. I've had this happen two or three times, with different buildings, and I've never seen a message. Perhaps it would help to just make it last a little longer.
  7. Yeah, my longest run was on Mystery Lake and, by the end of it, I was naked but for a wolfskin coat, deerskin boots, and rabbit mittens, having torn up my ruined and useless clothes for bandages. Good times.
  8. Except I've seen someone let their boots burn through to their socks because they didn't realize they were in the fire. Now it obviously isn't the same situation, but I'm just saying I wouldn't say it's completely out of the realm of possibilities. But we aren't talking about walking up to a fire and not noticing you are too close to get singed. This is about being bent over a pile of wood and tinder with matches, trying to get it to light and stay lit. This is a process that takes time and effort and you can't do it unless you know where you are relative to what you are doing. Matches are very short. It also takes time to get going, giving you ample opportunity to move back as it starts to catch. I would, however, think it more realistic when you are using accelerant. Dousing a pile of wood with kerosene and tossing a match on it is quite capable of getting you in trouble if you are too close.
  9. I don't think it is remotely realistic that you can spend ten minutes carefully tending a fire and not notice that you are standing in it and automatically move back.
  10. There's a basement?!?! I totally missed that. I've been schlepping my ass all the way over to the barn to do crafting!
  11. I started the game today all excited to hit the new map. I had my longest running game going, just shy of seventy days. I loaded up with supplies and headed to the ravine. One misstep later, fell to my death. So, I started a new game and was cursed by the god of wolves. I don't know if they changed the balance with the middle difficulty, but I couldn't go five steps outside a structure without one or two wolves descending on me. Only managed to live nine days and spent most of that recovering from wolf bites. By the end, I was tearing my clothes apart for bandages. Finally, got hit by two wolves at once and that was it. Started a new game. Starts me at 4am. Can't see a thing, sprain my ankle, torn apart by wolves 30 minutes in. Another new games, beset by wolves. With no weapons, go down hard. Finally, I switch to the lowest difficulty just so I can actually get to the new region. One thing I really wish is that the spawning was toned down a little. When I kill a dozen wolves in an area, it would be nice for that to actually accomplish something. Maybe a brief respite from the bastards? It kind of takes me out of immersion when I slaughter packs of wolves and more just appear from nowhere.
  12. Yeah, I was very disappointed that I couldn't give it a go with my crowbar.
  13. I just starved to death doing nothing but fishing, sleeping, and foraging for wood. Trout are barely worth catching, they have so few calories.
  14. I just had a wolf run through my fire to get at me.
  15. That's awesome! How? As ErickRedfieldh said, you need to Harvest cloth to make bandages. Oh! I see what you mean. Never even noticed Cloth down there at the bottom. Thanks!