V233 (bow update)


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I went to load up my game, currently day 29 or so in stalker, I am in the barn in pleasant valley, when I go to head outside, the far off mountains start flashing black and i get black shapes flashing on my screen and then the game drops. it doesn't happen if I stay in the barn, but when i go outside it drops the client after about 15 seconds

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Could you please provide your debug log? It would help us figure out what's happening!


took me a while, but i finally figured out how to get you the info. I am not the most tech savvy, but I am really happy to help make this game better, I love the way it plays so far.

one thing I noticed is that it now currently seems to try and render everything on the map in the game when I exit a building. I tried to make a new game and the trees would be fluorescent green, presumably as a result of it not fully loading all the textures or something of that nature....

to the main issue though, I played around with it a bit, and being in pleasant valley, when I exit the barn and face the massive farm house across the field, it crashes the game within 6 or so seconds, if I do not face that way, then i can play as long as i want, as long as i don't turn my screen in that direction. as soon as I do it starts flashing black shapes across the long distance objects (mountains etc) and it locks up. sometimes it allows me to continue to play with a frozen screen, i can hear my footsteps, if I hit esc i can hear it scroll over the options, but it just stays frozen.

I hope this info helps as well as the debug log attatchment


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First thing to make sure, verify the files through Steam just to make sure nothing is missing

It looks like you're using a built in graphic chip, so your system might not be set up for the default Direct 11 systems use now... Try starting your game in DirectX 9 mode and see if that works for you.

that did the trick, thank you :)

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