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  1. I'm still wondering what those changes are supposed to be. The change list for V.264 doesn't seem to contain anything that relates to this either. Yeah, honestly if they do implement something like this I feel like it should be tied in with electricity/lighting options so that it isn't too jarring, but yeah, they did make some good improvements, but I still try to avoid overnight crafting due how unrealistic it is without lighting.
  2. I "should" but it is by no means required, I could do a lot of things I wouldn't normally do in real life, and it really breaks the immersion that so many people desire in this game. I'm just saying that it does cause some issues.
  3. In regards to aiming with the rifle the only thing I noticed is that the correction motion is angled more now whenever you move the barell and takes longer to adjust back to firing position. It seems more realistic for large motions, but it does seem a bit silly to have the gun swing farther then it moved overall, there is only one type of correction motion and it is a little silly to have it move so much as a result of such a tiny motion. Maybe there should be a correction motion for large movements and minor movements to smooth over the issue
  4. FIrst impressions I just read over the updates, and while I feel like electricity/car batteries would have been very cool, your team has completely caught me off guard, and I have high hopes for the new area, I have not played yet, as it is downloading, but you added some much needed features, i am extra excited about the extra game slots, as well as being able to explore the new area, while forging is something I wasn't necessarily looking for, it was by no means an unwelcome surprise . I love the fact your team is working on constant quality improvements, and I can't believe how far this g
  5. you got it, I've been hyped since the initial update post in late august so much hype....
  6. In this game, it seems to really strive for a sense of true realism. That is what I love so much about this game, everything is as brutally real as possible. Except Light/Lighting. I feel like light is not restricting enough even in stalker, yes it gets pitch black, yes they tuned the daylight hours up a bit for gameplay's sake, but why is it... that I can craft a wolf coat in the pitch black for 8 hours? why can I break down or repair items when I can't see the hand in front of my face without so much as a cutting finger? My point is that it seems silly that we are not restricted by what we
  7. I for one prefer this system on pc, while yes you have many keys, the speed of access is what I care about, and hunt and pecking for each key doesn't seem efficient and h being a universal put away button makes it easier. Overall I feel it is an improvement for gameplay
  8. It will probably be put out end of august early september, but I am pretty excited. I hope it brings unique features. I feel like every map so far offers abundance in some supplies but a lack in others. ML offers easy food. CH offers easy clothing. PV offers... easy hunting/good base of operations? Dunno yet, it is pretty sparce. From the little teaser it looks like there may be a small industrial park in our future. The last few seconds of the v256 vid teases at a new area... barely.
  9. 100 hours logged... no bunker yet never found one... guess I need to keep my eyes peeled...
  10. I think that it is assumed you can use straps to latch it all on. Ie, your 50 sticks or sleeping rolls. Very rarely would I imagine carrying more than is spatially viable in game.
  11. I reset for every major patch. In all honesty, running a longest run during an alpha seems a bit silly. The whole point is to test and provide feedback on new content. This isn't to say I didn't have long runs, but I feel I can test the game features more thoroughly with a reset, and I am sure people would get over it even if they had a reset. Obviously you made it long enough to assume indefinite survival... now you should prove that with a new game and not need the crutch of your stockpile from an old save. The game is harder now. Get with it folks
  12. glad to hear it. in the meantime, I will know NEVER to let myself get hypothermia unless I have better gear... another lesson learned in the long dark.
  13. Well I am making this post to hopefully clarify an issue surrounding hypothermia. Let me start with the scenario. I start a new stalker mode to test all of the various new materials added. Over all I love it, except one thing that caused my fading into the long dark on day 9 on ML. Hypothermia that never went away. Yes it says stay warm for 24 hrs, but there was no timer telling me how long it would be until it was gone, it only ever said 24 hours. I stayed holed up indoors for THREE DAYS after stocking up on firewood and water and what meager food resources I could find. It was still afflicti
  14. I just wanted to figure out why I instantly died... but these posts are good too. A. I am pretty sure the Devs are addressing the points brought up in this thread in the soon to come end of July /early August update B. Since we have never encountered a geomagnetic disaster, we can't assume we would know the outcome of the effects on wildlife, even with animals being dependent/non-dependent on the polarity. Diamagnetic levitation can make non-polarized objects float with enough force. ie flying frog experiment ( )C. I feel like this game tries to take an equal approach to threats. Resource man
  15. And more matches! hehehe! Thanks bethany for the information, looking forward to the update! PS: If somehow I manage to not die in current playthrough until patch hits, will I be able to continue this session or the save will become obsolete / deleted? - no am not hibernating, still going strong exploring and risking her life every step! I was able to continue through a patch on the same play through, the only thing i noticed is that if they change loot variables for buildings, it deposits a little stockpile of items in that building in a random location, like the quonset gas station etc. That