Inescapable burn when starting fire at one's feet[.v065 #20]

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Platform: PC

Description: Maybe this is by design... You can set a fire directly at your feet and because you can't actually move while starting a fire you inevitably get burnt as soon as the fire is started.

Repro steps (2/2):

1. Start a fire directly at your feet

Note that even spamming or holding down the S button to back away as quickly as possible once the first starting process is complete is not sufficient; the character is still burned once the fire has started.

Suggestion: There are places where fires can't be built, perhaps there should be a volume around the player that limits stupidity. :)

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v.065 - Burned To Death Starting Fire

Location: Dam - exit to outside, just past steps turned and walked right around corner to wall [wind was too strong to start fire anywhere but would do so here].

Incident: The wind was blizzard condition, so I had to set up the fire just outside the corner of the Dam building. Used accelerant. Immediately once fire started I died instantly "Burned to death".



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Guest Alan Lawrance

There was a bug where you could start a fire and technically be in the burn zone, but not start taking damage until you move. If you were low condition (or didn't notice the burning happening) it may have appeared to be an instant death.

Next update fixes the start-in-burn-zone bug, and we've also reduced the "burn zone" area for a fire -- it was unfairly large.

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