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Well it would be nearly impossible on the difficulty levels voyager (medium) and stalker (hard) because there wolfs and bears would attack you if you aren't carefull enough. So you would have to fight them off in order to survive.

On difficulty pilgrim (easy) it could be maybe possible. Allthough food gathering could be difficult. But it depends on where your limits are.

Would it be okay for you to harvest a deer a wolf has killed?

Would it be okay for you to go fishing?

Would it be okay for you to set up traps to catch rabbits?

The more questions you can answer with a "yes" the more propable it would be for you to be able to play this game for a longer run.

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If you play on the Pilgrim setting, hostile wildlife should actively avoid you unless you choose to attack them first.

If you're looking for tips specifically regarding the Pacifist achievement, you cannot fish, use the snare to catch rabbits, or injure an animal and let it bleed out.

Let us know if you need any more help.

Welcome to the forums!

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Thanks everyone for the useful response :) maybe is a weird question, but is my way to play because i want to do it as if it's me lost in the wild, and i don't think i can ever figh a wolf! :D

I'm succeful avoid the wolf in the mystery lake, trapper's homesland and the lake cabins, but in the carter hydro dam seems impossible and he kill me at least 10 time (that fucker)

Sorry for the terrible english, i hope i'm at least understable.

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