Can I use Tales on the pc without paying for it again?


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So I’m in a bit of a situation, I will soon be leaving to go on a multi-week road trip and hearing that part five is going to likely drop right in the middle of the trip, I still wanted to play it when it comes out, so I decided to bring my gaming laptop instead of my bulky series x so I can play the update. TLD downloaded just fine and appears to be working, I have Xbox game pass on my Xbox and it works on my pc as well since I’m using my Xbox account on my pc, the main issue preventing me from being able to play my old runs is that it acts like I don’t have the Tales of the far territory dlc. Which I have  had since it came out on my main Xbox. 

What my pc says:                                                          What my Xbox says:                                       

I’m using the same account on both the Xbox itself and the Xbox app on the pc, so my question to anyone that knows or was in this situation before: do I need to buy the Tales dlc again to be able to play on my pc with it? Or is there some other way so that i don’t need to spend another 20 bucks on the same dlc I already own?

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There appears to be an issue with the XBox TFTFT DLC right now (I own the game on Steam, the Switch and XBox and have the DLC on Steam and XBox) that is causing issues for those of us who use Play Anywhere or the XBox app/GamePass.

I know Hinterland knows about it, but there is no way to know right now if things will be cleared up with Microsoft before you leave on your trip. I am not as pressed on the issue, since I own the game on 3 platforms, and can always play on my Steam version if I am traveling with my laptop. I think some other people have paid for the DLC again, but I have no idea if Microsoft will refund the purchase if/when they get the issue worked out. I am going to wait and see what happens, up to you if you want to (or can afford to) buy the DLC again and hope Microsoft or Hinterland can refund one of the purchases later.

Sorry I don't have better news. :( 


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