Ash Canyon for beginners

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So I started a Pilgrim run in Ash Canyon. I harvested all my clothes to make snow shelters, and I mapped a bit. Also, I collected and ate cattails.

How do I find my way out?

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Well there’s lots of on line maps that could help. Since you haven’t used those I’d recommend using basic intuition. Follow major water ways since as you’ve noticed there are no roads or rail tracks.

Otherwise, use the time honored tradition of maze solving by imagining sticking one hand to a wall and keep walking with that hand on the wall. You will get out.

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In this map the two exits are to the south, dropping elements such as sticks can indicate this direction, the stick is like a Y pointing north (almost), and as @Laxgoalie say, following the course of a large river can also lead you to the exit.

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