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I really like the poisoning gas effects in the corners of the screen. Could we have such effects for character needs? For example, cracked corners for thirst, a slightly blurred corners for hunger, darkening corners for fatigue, and ice covered corners for cold. I think it will look good for immersion and force players to raise their needs to get rid of the effects.

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Yes I find it disconcerting that I can run my character through the cold with my heath meter depleting and not see some effect. Although "I've never been so cold in my life!" comment does let you know that your character is a bit upset about it.

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I don't know. For everyone who would like this, there will be people who would not like this. (I am one of them.)

Maybe if it is a toggle in the Options menu, the same way there is one for camera affects for the exaggerated limping with Sprains. So people can choose whether they want to see these effects.

I set my HUD to Contextual- so if something is going wrong it pops up and gives me a little nudge "Hey- you are really cold and have a risk of a negative affliction- maybe you should check on that?". 

I don't mind the blurred screen with a headache or the Pain affliction. The psychedelic screen effects for extremely low HP are also something I am fine with. But having effects that might block my view of that wolf on the ice because it is behind a "you are cold!" crackle effect? Or the screen closing in and going dark because my character is exhausted while going through an area where a Moose or Bear hangs out- now I can't see it at all. The Contextual HUD is already telling me my fatigue is in the red- I don't really want to have my screen going dark in the middle of the day at the same time. I really don't want to be able to see the timberwolf morale meter but not be able to see the timberwolves coming in from the side because my survivor is thirsty. The Contextual HUD is already yelling that "You are dehydrated- you need some water!" at me, and I need to deal with those toothy menaces first- thank you very much.

As long as I can turn these effects off in settings- fine. If I can't- they are just going to annoy me, to be honest.


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