[NOGOA+] Beating one of the hardest TLD community challenges: NOPE (created by Twitch streamer WonzAndOnly)

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I actually beat this challenge like 3 weeks ago, but guess I'll just share the full run here in case anyone is interested.

No-commentary footage of full run (Day 0-50) broken down into 18 parts of ~1h30min each:



What NOPE challenge is about:

Stands for Nogoa Outerloper Purist Expert marksman. Created by Twitch streamer WonzAndOnly.

Survive at least 50 days on purist OuterNOGOA with at least 50 bow shots (100% accuracy) and 0 mending fails. Missing a bow shot or failing a mending action will fail the challenge.

Rules for purist OuterNOGOA (by Twitch streamer PerfectTrip):
Played on NOGOA (No One Gets Out Alive, custom code: 8sHM-/z8P-Dz+3-QZym-XRQC) settings but outside only. Cannot enter buildings with loading screen or outdoor structures with warmth bonus (e.g. TWM mountaineer's hut, MT park office, outdoor area of BR maintenance shed). Vehicles, fishing huts, snow shelters and back of open caves are OK. Can pass through transition caves/mines but no looting or loitering.


As far as I know, only 1 player (PerfectTrip, creator of NOGOA) has beaten this challenge previously.

To keep the NOPE challenge nearly as difficult as it was when PerfectTrip beat it last year, I did not use the newer items like burdocks, flask, ptarmigan stuff, tip-up, etc. Additionally, to make it harder for myself, I did not pass through caves w/ loading screen within the same region (e.g. HRV ice caves, MT cave connecting bear bridge and plane crash, etc.)

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15 minutes ago, Cr41g said:

so part of this challenge is completely RNG based and out of your control? mending

Failing a mending action is RNG based but avoiding mending entirely is within your control.

You pretty much have to craft fur clothing or else you'll be in big trouble around d30 onwards with <10C warmth outfit. Failure to do so in time is a skill issue and not luck.

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