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Hello Everyone,

I am a career 3D Artist. It's a rough time right now for people like us who were cast into the wind with the strikes and layoffs. The foundations of the VFX and the video games industries have suffered such massive blows. Film has further risk of a shutdown due to IATSE contracts expiring July 31 and if deals are not ratified before then, strikes will begin immediately on August 1st. Until recently, there have been no unions for VFX or video game workers and only a small fraction of them are even a member of one.
That said, I've taken my downtime to improve my craft. At the same time, I've written a little "love letter" to a game that I picked up for $7 a long time ago. It has brought me a lot of joy since. I think Early Access was still called Steam Greenlight back then.
Eventually, I will publish this on my ArtStation page where more images and information will be shared. At that time, I will update this post and include a link. In the meantime, some technical and legal information has been included in the description of the YouTube video.

Outside of being a gamer, I am a wilderness camper. I spend a lot of time in the northern Ontario boreal forest. The Long Dark manages to come the closest to capturing what I feel when I'm out there. No other game I've played before or since has done that as effectively.

YouTube: Quincy's - Fan Art inspired by The Long Dark



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