Quality of life update for spray paint.


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It would be nice if the spay paint would remain equipped after being used, sometimes I want to make a chain of arrows for blizzard/fog navigation and it's very clunky needing to reselect the spray can each time.

Some additional symbols would be nice too; exit, mine, cave, gas, shelter, snare, tip-up, thin ice, symbols for each of the animals ect.

Long shot no.1

Allowing the spaypaint or light source to be carried in the left hand for smoother cave/mine path marking.

Long shot no.2

Rare variant: Radium paint. Increases chemical poisoning risk when applying but is slightly luminous allowing for torchless navigation in caves/mines.

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Agree with that, there's a lot about the spray paint UI that is clunky. I'd like to choose whether a symbol is put on the map or not, and when deleting from map, whether to leave it sprayed on the ground.

I very rarely use the symbols for what they represent. So 'T-shirt' means exit, 'square' means base, 'pill' means bed (it looks like a little sleeping bag 😁) etc.

My long shot: allow spray paint symbol of any number numeral.

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Some spraypaint is highly reflective,  it would practically glow in both natural and artificial light.

It would be nice to have more symbols, i think it would be really cool if there were more colors of spraypaint as well, i'd personally love it if we could overlap the symbols.

I wanna make a mural on the wall of my base late game, just to add variety to the days ya know?

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