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I often find myself leaving scarves behind in normal gameplay, opting to layer two toques instead or a toque and a balaclava for extra temperature, because even the Long Wool Scarf still pales statswise to the almighty Wool Toque.


What if that wasn't the case?

Buff to Scarves: Increased wind and water resistance, as well as some slight temperature buffs.

Nerf to Scarves: Can only be worn on the outer head slot.

With this, you'd actually have a reason to wear a scarf over a second toque. No more bare necks!

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Might be interesting to have it so that if head items cover different parts of your head, then both windchill buffs apply.

For example:
Rabbit hat + toque: Only rabbit hat gives windchill
Rabbit hat + Wool scarf: Both give you windchill

This also has the benefit of fixing balaclavas, because their increased windchill vs a wool toque is completely useless

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As someone who deals with temperatures typical in TLD I find the way clothing works to be really screwy. Wearing two hats is better than wearing one hat plus something that covers your face? No, that's not how it works at all. Anyways at least you can just look at the numbers and go by that....well, kinda....that's messed up too. /shrug

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