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I’ve played on ps4 Pro for a few years, and on Switch for a few months and I am really really liking the Switch version a lot!

Overall the frame rate is better and more consistent than the PS4 pro and maybe it’s my tv but it’s much easier to see UI shadings in the switch too. Maybe there is a smidge or pop up but really playing TLD Switch is just ace! 

I’m looking forward to the updates soon but for now this is just perfection thanks Hinterland! 

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7 minutes ago, Adamo said:

Having said that, load and save are a bit slow but hey ho 

Switch is slow anyway.... You should see the loading times for animal crossing on the switch lite lol...   I could make a few cups of tea waiting for that😁

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1 hour ago, Adamo said:

Hah really ? :) I’m new to switch , not sure if digital games and internal memory is quicker or slower than a game cartridge. Either way I just love playing it on switch 

Yep lol...    My longest load is on Xbox though, it takes about 7 minutes before you get to the actual loading option,then about 4 minutes to get to your base then another 4-5 minutes to get to a job lol...  

Aren't there a few major issues with ps and long dark?     I haven't touched a playstation since they first came out..still got my PS1😁

Shame you still have a bit of a wait for the tftft updates though..

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