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Hello survivors!

I’ve been trying to think of ways I can improve at TLD and test myself. What better way to that than with Challenges?

Give me some suggestions for custom challenges. 

The challenge must have:

A title

short description of the challenge


setting requirements


Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with. ^U^

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You'll find many posts on challenges people come up with.  Personally, I don't start a game with this in mind, but instead have goals along the way.

I did try a challenge one time I like to call "Naturalist" - Can only eat non-manmade food, wear crafted clothing and use crafted tools.  Ofc, there are some exceptions (e.g. fire starting).

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I think I've written these ideas somewhere else but here's my two cents,

  Extremist Vegan: Preferred difficulty (voyaguer is mine), Nothing from animals (meat, hide, gut) plus no "pork and beans" or cans of sardines, no condensed milk or any dairy at all, and the hardest part: No leather, wool, fleece... Anything from animals or fish or whatever (only two pairs of shoes far as I know: Running shoes and Insulated boots, both say "Made of synthetic mateirials")  Main challenge is not freezing or starving.

  Wandering Crafter: custom settings with interloper loot and the rest your preffered difficulty (not a good challenge if you already play interloper, mostly to explore and get used to the loot setting)

  Carnivoire: Only meat or fish (no pork and beans in this one either, lol), only clothes made of animal matierial if you want to do that as well. (basically @hozz1235's Naturalist idea, which I like as well)

  Runner Nomad: sleep one night in each region, no more (bring lots of coffee!)

  Gun Collector: Collect every gun in the game to one place.  Could also do Librarian and collect every book instead.

A combination of any of these?  Idk, have fun!


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“Great bear holds many depths. Many forgotten. And many more untouched. It’s your job to explore these ancient mines and caves, and survive to tell there tale.”

goal: explore every cave on great bear, ending with the old Langston mines.

Suggested to be played on stalker (interloper would also count)


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