Environment Improvements part 4: Whale Corpses


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I was thinking about how beach combing works and had an interesting idea about a rare encounter you may discover on the shores.

Spoiler warning for Wintermute chapter 3:


At the end of the game after leaving the caves. You discover some dead killer whales laying on the shores. A clear indication that things are far worse across the world. I think I would like to see that kind of environmental storytelling in survival mode. 

Within the 3 regions (Bleak Inlet, Costal Highway, & Desolation point) where you can go beach combing, it would be cool to find a dead whale hanging near the shores. It would be frozen and covered in snow, perhaps some aquatic predators bit off a few pieces. Though this would be a rare event, you won't always stumble upon a whale corpse when you enter the regions. Perhaps there could be other types of large aquatic species that end up on the shore (comment down below what sort of aquatic species you'd like to see).

If we wanted to add some gameplay elements, I have a few ideas. I'm no expert, but I've heard whale oil can be a good source of fuel. It may be a bit far fetch for a survival game like this, but it is a possibility. Secondly is the source of food this large aquatic creature can provide. I doubt you can harvest the entire animal, but you could harvest a large piece for yourself to eat. However, when there is a whale on the shores, the smell would attract predators like wolves and bears. So anytime you see a whale, there's usually a group of predators surrounding it. Making it more difficult to approach it.

That's my take, what do you think?

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